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INDIAN SILK, December, 2014 - January, 2015 

23rd ISC Congress: Adding new dimensions for inclusive growth of sericulture
M.N. Ramesha and R.K. Sinha
Sericulture has been recognized as a women-friendly enterprise and over 53% of its workforce is women.  The author dwells upon various issues concerning women empowerment through sericulture.
The 23rd Congress of the International Sericultural Commission that held in November, 2014 at Bengaluru, India witnessed the presence of over 300 seri- scientists from 17 silk producing/consuming/converting countries from across the globe. The four-day long deliberations through 174 scientific papers not only documented the multi-faceted research and development initiatives going on in different parts of the world but also focused on the need for diversified users of silk beyond textiles. Presented here is a detailed account of the event.
Renewed thrust on seed sector for quality bivoltine seed production
Rajesh Kumar Sinha
Dr. B.S. Angadi has been awarded with Louis Pasteur Award, 2014 by the International Sericultural Commission for his contribution to development, standardization and adoption of technologies in the seed sector in India taking the production to new heights. Indian Silk congratulates him for receiving the coveted Award. On the occasion, he shared his experiences in the field and also views on the need of the hour and the thrust required to achieve the ambitious target for bivoltine silk production by the country. Excerpts:    
New areas of research for value addition to sericulture
Rajesh Kumar Sinha
Dr. Hiroaki Machii has been awarded with Louis Pasteur Award, 2014 by the ISC, India for his life-time contribution to the development of transgenic silkworm. On the sidelines of 23rd ISC Congress, he speaks to Indian Silk, sharing his views and experiences on a host of issues related to new areas of research on silkworms, mulberry and their application in select industries, significance and scrop for such applications and the tasks ahead. Excerpts:  
Louis Pasteur Award to silk pioneer from Thailand
Suwannee Cunvong
Hon. Dr. Suwannee Cunvong has been awarded with Louis Pasteur Award, 2014 by the ISC, India for her life-time contribution to the development of silk industry in Thailand. On the sidelines of 23rd ISC Congress, she speaks to Indian Silk, sharing experiences on starting a Silk Company in Thailand that today has substituted about 50% of the country’s import requirement of raw silk, Excerpts:  
Sericulture in Bangladesh
Swapan Chandra Paul
Bangladesh Sericulture: Rejuvenating the developmental efforts
Rajesh Kumar Sinha
Sericulture in Egypt
Souad M. Mamoud
New dimensions to seri-research hold the future
Rajesh Kumar Sinha, K.M. Ponnuvel and M.N. Ramesha
Dr. Keiko Kadono-Okuda, presently working as a Unit Head at National Institute of Agro-biological Sciences, Tsukuba, Japan, made a presentation on “Molecular genetics of a densovirus resistance gene, Nid-1 in Bombyx mori” recently at the 23rd ISC Congress held in Bangalore. She speaks to Indian Silk, sharing her views and experiences on issues related to recent research works on genomics in silkworms, their application, significance and scope for such applications. Excerpts:  
Applications of silk in biomedical fields: Potentials
Rajesh Kumar Sinha
Prof. Yasushi Tamada, presently working as a Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, Division of Applied Biology, Bio-resource and Environmental Science, Shinshu University, Ueda, Nagano, Japan recently chaired the Section on “Sericulture in on-textile industries” at the 23rd ISC Congress held in Bangalore. He speaks to Indian Silk, sharing his views and experiences on issues related to recent research works on a host of applications of silk bio-materials and their significance, Excerpts:  
Silk symbolizes awakening and joy for ever
Rajesh Kumar Sinha, S.A. Hippargi and M.N. Ramesha
Isabelle Arciero-Moheir, a silk visual artist enthusiast from France has created a very interesting and appealing visual lexicon in silk – be it painting on silk, dress with silk cocoons, perfumed paper made of silk fabrics. She believes in making peace through art, through the world – sharing the joy of creation. Speaking to Indian Silk, she shares her passion for silk, her different projects, and experiences with the Lambani women groups appreciating their skill and taste. Excerpts:  
Upcycling of waste silk into novel products – Case study of an enterprise in Turkey
Rajesh Kumar Sinha
Prof. Elvan Ozkavruk Adanir, Head of Fashion and Textile Design Department at Izmir University of Economics, Turkey, has her specialty in textile engineering and textile design. Her art works are accepted for international permanent collections. Indian Silk spoke to her on a host of issues including sericulture scenario in Turkey upcycling of waste silk materials and its economic feasibility. Excerpts:  
Silkworm F1 hybrid with yellow cocoon generated by crossing two white-cocoon strains! Roles of Cameo2 and CBP genes in formation of yellow cocoons
Research Brief/M.N.S. Iyengar
Cocoons, a wonderful media for expression of nature’s beauty
Rajesh Kumar Sinha
She loves flowers – shades of colour, brilliance, fragrance – manifestation of Nature’s beauty at its best. In fact, she feels, it communicates to her gets her all the happiness, joy, strength and courage. She presented bouquets of cocoon flowers in vases in frames at the recent ISC Congress.  The house was all praise for the artist and appreciation for the works of art. Also, she received enquiries for her work from the delegates around the world. Indian Silk had a tete-a-tete with Ms. P. Suvidha Raju on her art, craft inclination, and motivation. Simple she speaks, yet her works spoke of her creativity, ingenuity, and integrity with the Nature.  
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