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GI to Silk & Silk Products Bewitching Beauty of Balucharis
Rajesh Kumar Sinha
Sericulture has been recognized as a women-friendly enterprise and over 53% of its workforce is women.  The author dwells upon various issues concerning women empowerment through sericulture.
Balucharis of Bengal truly represent the moods and perceptions of the contemporary society. The rich variety in the techniques, designs and texture of Baluchari sarees are endearing, enticing and exquisitely enviable. While the earlier Baluchar Sarees featured the stylised bird and animal motifs, it reached its zenith with the depiction of legends from the mythologies and later the introduction of the courtly life of Nawabs and the European - it satiates the textile tastes of a full spectrum of the Indian persona.
Sericulture Status of Iran
Farzam Pourramezan
Sericulture Industry in India – Prospects Galore…
K.K. Shetty, K. Dilip Kumar and P. Kumaresan
Current status of sericulture and prospects of silk industry in Japan
Hiroaki Machii
Romanian Sericulture
Llviu Alexandru Marghitas
New low cost drilling machine cocoon deflosser
T. Selvakumar, Mallikarjuna, M.S. Shivanna, K. Shasidhar and B.S. Angadi
Deflossing is imperative to get a premium price for the cocoons but the process demands more labour and time. The new cocoon deflosser designed using the common drilling machine makes the work easy and fast. Details...  
Muga in China !
Research Brief/M.N.S. Iyengar
Compilation and different contributors
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