No.                           DetailsLast DateExtended
(if so)
1 Invitation for sealed rate Quotation for supply of Power Tiller, MSSO Guwahati, Assam
2 Inviting Quotation for Sweeping / Cleaning, Sanitary Maintenance and Disposal of Garbage in the General Premises of Central Silk Board Office Complex & Quarters Campuses at Bangalore. 04/10/2017  
3 Quotation for supply of BOD Incubator, MSSO Guwahati, Assam  - Corrigendum 04/10/2017  
4 Quotation for Interior Designing and Fabrication of Resham Ghar, SMOI Bangalore 03/10/2017  
5 Quotations for providing Security Services to Basic Seed Farm Gavimata – Mandya Dist. Karnataka 28/09/2017  
6 Sealed rate quotations are invited for hiring of vehicles for Extension activities for Yeldur cluster area SSPC Chintamani, C.B.Pur Dist 28/09/2017
7 Quotations from qualified registered licensed contractors for providing security service and watch and ward works at SSPC Chittoor, A.P 27/09/2017  
8 Sealed rate quotations are invited for hiring of vehicles for Extension activities for Tekal cluster area SSPC Chintamani, C.B.Pur Dist 26/09/2017  
9 Inviting quotation for Security Guard/Chowkidar at DCTSC Dehradun, Uttarakhand 25/09/2017  
10 Inviting quotation for 1:1 Internet leased line (ILL) connectivity for CSR&TI, Berhampore, West Bengal 23/09/2017  
11 Quotation for providing services of Motor Vehicle Driver on Contract basis, SSPC Chittoor, A.P 23/09/2017  
12 Quotations for supply of Manpower on contract basis, ZSSO Majra, Dehradun (Uttarakhand) 22/09/2017  
13 Quotation for Landscaping of Land near Lalbagh West Gate and maintenance, SMOI Bangalore 22/09/2017  
14 Quotations for supply of Slit Button consisting of Ceramic Flat, Ceramic Holder Made of Organic Polymers and Torsion Spring at CSTRI, Bangalore. - Last date extended 30/08/2017 25/09/2017

                             DetailsClosed on
1 Tender cum Auction of Old desktop Computer, Regional Office, Kolkata 20/09/2017
2 Repairing office vehicle of SSPC, MSSO, CSB, Kaliabari, Boko, Assam 18/09/2017
3 Quotation for supply of Labour Mandays on contract basis to Basic Seed Farm Nagamangala, Madya District, Karnataka 18/09/2017
4 Inviting quotations for Printing and supply of Annual Report 2016-17, CSTRI Bengaluru  - Last date extended beyond  30/08/2017 15/09/2017
5 Purchase and Installation of CC Camera at Cold Storage Plant, SSPC Mysore with Corrigendum 13/09/2017
6 Quotation for Procurement of Scientific Equipment, CSR&TI, CSB, Berhampore, West Bengal 12/09/2017
7 Quotation for engagement of 1 driver on Contract basis SSPC Jorhat, Assam 12/09/2017